Cold Brew with 25 30 Espresso

Happy First Day of Summer!

There is NOTHING like a yummy cup of Cold Brew Coffee on a hot summer morning! I have to forego my regular coffee some mornings when the temperatures soar – even when I’m sitting at my kitchen table with the AC blasting. So I head to the fridge and pour myself some cold brew that I purchased in a container from the grocery store.

It is good, but DOES NOT TOUCH the Cold Brew from 25 30 Espresso.

A couple of weeks ago I got a little run down on Cold Brew from Maureen and Madison. They were ready to give me a lesson in the types of Cold Brew, and the best part – taste testing!

With several ways to make Cold Brew Coffee, the tried and true way according to Maureen is to let the coffee grounds sit in water for at a minimum of 12-24 hours. (Of course they tweak this method in order to ensure that theirs is the perfect taste that they desire.) This releases the acidity in the coffee and gives a smooth, creamy, non-acidic, highly caffeinated cup of Cold Brew.

25 30 Espresso uses a coffee blend called Hologram that has milk chocolate notes, cherry and a little vanilla flavor for their Cold Brew.

When they want to get a bit fancy, they also do Cold Brew using a Chemex – or a Japanese style iced coffee – with Sipacapa, a single origin coffee from Peru. As with all their coffee drinks, everything is measured by weight and for consistency in order to get the best out of the coffee – tell your kids that math is used even for making coffee.

Each type of coffee has a different brew setting and it is important to know which is which. One of the tricky parts with the Chemex is making sure to take into account the weight of the ice and of the water.

Once it is ready to go, Maureen uses a gooseneck kettle to allow for an even pour and even distribution. It looked wonderful!

Time for the best part – tasting! I tasted the Cold Brew Hologram, Batch Brewed Hologram, Chemex brewed Sipacapa and the Cold Brew Boka Single Origin coffee. Shockingly there was  quite a difference between the coffees.

Hands down my favorite was the Cold Brew Hologram. It was exactly how Maureen described it – smooth, no acidity and full of flavor. Although I enjoyed the others for sure, the Cold Brew was it for me!

When Maureen added some cream to it – forget it! She also suggested adding a shot of flavoring to mix it up a bit in order to create the perfect personalized drink. YUM!

Who is ready to head over to 25 30 Espresso for a Cold Brew??? Hands up!!!

If you haven’t been there, take a few minutes to stop by in the morning for a Cold Brew and a yummy treat. OR if you are out a date and looking for a great place for dessert and coffee this summer, check out “The Yard” on Friday and Saturday nights – desserts made by Beth, coffee and mocktails!!!

Located in Darbytown on
400 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg 22401

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