Creating a Spring Floral Arrangement

While browsing Pinterest, blogs and magazines, I am amazed at the gorgeous floral arrangements that are created by professional designers. The designs seem effortless yet in reality the labor and love that are put into each arrangement is astounding.

A true artist, Charmaine Parton of Charmaine Parton Floral & Event Design, is one of those designers.

Photography by Abby Hudson Photography

With Mother’s Day right around the corner it seemed fitting to share with you how you can create a beautiful arrangement of your own using Charmaine’s advice. Or if you would like her to create an arrangement for your mother and get some beautiful soaps, bath products or candles to complete the gift – she is partnering with Ladyburg, this upcoming Saturday, May 13, for a one day Pop Up Shop starting at 11:00 am until sold out.


Recently I had the pleasure of being a part of Charmaine’s first Floral Design Workshop with five other women who were ready to delve into the world of floral design. Charmaine welcomed us with sweet treats and sandwiches along with glasses of berry flavored bubbly displayed on a beautifully set table. We chatted and got to know each other a bit more before we started working on our arrangements.


Stations were set up around a dining table and included a container for the flowers, water, tape, floral cutters and a wide variety of flowers that she had picked for the workshop that included hybrid English Garden Roses, Ranunculus, two different types of tulips, daisies and a variety of filler greens.


Charmaine demonstrated and walked us through the process of creating a free flowing arrangement. Each of her arrangements start with a tape/floral tape grid that is created over the vase or container and gives a “home” to each floral stem.

Greenery is then placed strategically to begin the free-flowing shape. In this particular arrangement, she was looking for height on one end.

Choosing one of the hybrid English Garden Roses as the focal point draws the eye into the arrangement.

This particular rose was gently placed low in the center nestled in the greenery.

From there she began to add other flowers that gave height to one end and created a diagonal line to the other end giving an organic look to the arrangement.

Tulips that were gently placed flowed over the edge of the vase at the bottom.

In the end, each of the arrangements that we created were different and unique although we all used the same flowers!


  • Use the shape of the flower to your advantage meaning if you have a tulip and it bends over, use that bend in the shape of your arrangement.
  • Flowers can be manipulated more than you think by gently pulling or pushing the petals.
  • There is no such thing as a wrong arrangement – enjoy the unique look of each one.
  • Flowers enjoy warm to room temperature water in their container – except for hydrangeas that like cold water.
  • Go outside and pick what you have in your yard to use in your arrangement. For example leaves from your tree or flowers from your bush can add dimension and creativity.

I loved how calming and relaxing it was to create the arrangement – I found myself enjoying the moment instead of focusing on all the things that I knew I need to do that day.

My advice – find an arrangement you love in a magazine, Pinterest or on Instagram and try to create something similar with your own style. Put it on a table and enjoy your hard work!!

Don’t forget to stop by Charmaine Parton’s Facebook page to find out more information on her latest classes, events and how she can help your create your dream wedding or event!