Last Minute Preparation Tips for the Historic Half Marathon

Decided to start running.
Signed up for the Historic Half Marathon.
Bought new running shoes and gear for training.
Completed half marathon training.

The race is in five days and you aren’t sure what to do or what to expect.
Bring in the big guns – veteran runners.

Runner Peeps

On a chilly, wet Saturday I met a group of runners who have become not only running partners, but friends. The group started back in 2001 when three moms decided they wanted to get back into training. Those three invited others and soon a text thread had started – Runner Peeps.

Pictured L to R – Angela, Mike, Chris, Melissa, Wildaly and Jennifer

Each Saturday this group of runners, which now has 9-10 “members,” meet to run together when they can. They have different goals, different paces and different miles that they are working to accomplish but one thing stays the same – they can join in at any point and run together.

The biggest motivating factor – accountability.

Hands down, the group agreed that texting and joining each other for an early run helps to get them up and hit the pavement with the support of the group.

These veteran runners have an incredible amount of mileage they have logged together and have participated in 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons, triathlons, Iron Man Triathlons and Ragnar races.

They know how a race works and have words of advice for the novice Historic Half Runner.

Things to do the last few days leading up to the race:

  • No cramming. The training is done.
  • Relax.
  • Get sleep during the week and the night of the race.
  • Eat healthy and hydrate with water throughout the week.
  • Organize your race day outfit so you don’t forget anything.
  • Set a meet up point with your family or friends after the race.
  • Pick up your packet.
  • Enjoy walking around the Expo Center.
  • Charge your phone.

As of today, it looks like the morning of the Historic Half will be cloudy in the low-mid 60s.

Race day morning:

  • Get dressed and make sure that you have your bib along with other items that you laid out the night before including layers, sleeves, hat or visor, and anything that you have trained with such as gels/goos/bars.
  • Eat a breakfast that you have eaten on every long run – do not change it up.
  • Bring your phone if you are running with it.

At the race:

  • Make sure that you have gone to the bathroom.
  • Find your place in line.
  • Don’t start the race too fast – start just as you would any training run.
  • Most importantly – ENJOY THE RACE!!!

Good luck to all of our local Historic Half Runners!!!

Are you running the Historic Half?
Comment below what tips you have to prepare for race day!