Not So Formal Living Room Makeover with Blended

A Design Makeover Tour is happening on Fredericksburg Living!

Interior Designer Pam McCloone Vinso of Blended has teamed up with Fredericksburg Living to bring a “behind the scenes” look into the fun (and very real!) before and after adventures of great design changes in local homes.


First up – A Fresh, “Not So Formal” Living Room on a Budget Makeover!

Picture a room where a family and friends are laughing, music is being played and drinks are being poured. The space is comfortable, airy, calm and orderly. It is inviting with all the pieces in the room have meaning and value.

This is the picture that the local homeowners of a Victorian style house were craving. BUT like for many of us, staying on budget was key and repurposing/reusing was integral.

Pam worked hard to understand how the homeowners wanted to use the space and what they were willing to spend..

The homeowners requested that the following items be addressed in the space:

  • A place for reading
  • Enough seating for a conversation area
  • Room for to be able to enjoy music in the space
  • A bar/hospitality area for entertaining


The stresses and strains of packed schedules and life’s demands often bring us to a room that is waiting to be uncovered by the homeowner. This front room was ready!

With an eclectic mix of furniture, home decor items, and other miscellaneous items, the current living room lacked the feeling of a well-edited space with functionality.

Although light could easily pour into the room, layers of drapes and furniture blocked the original windows. Friends and family were not able to sit comfortably to enjoy time together.

Although divided, the entry and the living room flow together. In order to create a cohesive feeling between the two spaces, the same feeling of openness was required for the entry.


In order to begin creating the calm, relaxing entertainment space the homeowners were seeking, the rooms had to be emptied and obstacles removed.

The starting point was seating. The best option in the home was leaving the existing sofa in the space but it required a transformation— accomplished with casual ivory slipcover.

The process also included knowing the pieces that were an important to the homeowners and what must stay.

Those included:

  • Treasured art created by a family members
  • A drop leaf antique table that had been in the family for years
  • Fireplace
  • A home sound system


The living room and entry are still a work in progress but it has come a LONG way!!! And the homeowners are  LOVING it!

Addressing the bareness of the room was important before changes could be made. The fireplace was moved and mirrors added to pay homage to the Victorian style of the home.

A fun bar/hospitality table was created by perching items the homeowners already had on a beautiful antique drop leaf table.

This special piece of artwork has found a new home that invites people to admire it.


There are still a few final pieces of the plan which need to be implemented before this room can be completed.

They include:

  • Painting the room
  • Adding a chair
  • Installing one minimal window treatment for privacy
  • Adding some surprise touches

Check back soon to see the final design and how Pam has worked to create a space that the homeowners are thrilled to share with family and friends!


To find out more about Blended and the services Pam offers, head over to the Blended website here.