Taking Chalk to a New Level

Are you drawn into a store just because of a beautiful or interesting sign?

Artistically detailed chalk art signs have been making a resurgence in large box stores, tiny boutiques, gourmet restaurants and more. They have been popping up around Downtown Fredericksburg and one artist has found her niche in this artistic market.

Meet Lauren Donlon – the face behind many of the chalk art signs in the downtown area.


Growing up, Lauren always was interested in art and took classes throughout her years in school to fine tune her talent. With her specialty being in graphite, she never gave much thought to working with chalk.

When Lauren began working at Sugar + Spruce, Crystal Wellman – the co-owner, asked if one of the staff would be able to create a chalk sign for the store. The task was assigned to Lauren and she ran with it.

Little did she know that she had such talent and love for the craft.

Photo from @chalktalkbylo

The response to her art has been overwhelming. She quickly realized that she needed to create a way for others to see more of her art so she decided to showcase her designs on @chalktalkbylo on Instagram.


This girl is definitely making it happen. Lauren loves to push her creative talents outside her comfort zone with detailed pictures and an assortment of fonts on the array of signs that she creates.

Be sure to give Lauren a shout if you are interested in signs for your business, wedding, baby shower or personalized chalkboard menus.

Photo from @chalktalkbylo

We are sure to see more of Lauren’s chalk art around the Fredericksburg area soon!

Photo from @chalktalkbylo

Thanks Lauren for sharing your passion and creative talent with us!

You can find Lauren and more of her beautiful chalk art on Instagram @chalktalkbylo