Time for Relaxing with Bath Bombs

When walking into Ladyburg one of the first things that you see are rows of colorful spheres all piled into bins. Stopping you begin to pick up one then another until you just want to pick each up and take in their fresh fragrance and smooth exterior.

Ranging from pink to yellow and green to orange and white swirl, these pretties have a array of scents including: peppermint, ocean, pistachio magnolia, pineapple sage, tobacco flower and more.

So what is a bath bomb?

Basically it is a recipe that combines ingredients that are packed into a ball that bubbles and fizz when wet. Most bath bombs are loaded with essential oils and dreamy colors that create a “bath explosion.”

Ladyburg’s Artisanal Bath Bombs are sulfate free, have non-staining cosmetic safe colorants, have phthalates free fragrance, are free of chemical preservatives, are not tested on animals and are packed with moisturizing avocado oil. Each bath bomb has its own unique and comical scent story that can be found on www.ladyburg.com. Take a moment to read each story!

How to decide which bath bomb to purchase and try?

Easy. Pick the one with your favorite scent. You won’t be disappointed in any of the ones that you try. Ladyburg also can help you out making your decision by offering a bag of mini bath bombs.

Once you have made your decision, run home and get your bath started. Drop in your bath bomb and just enjoy a few quiet moments relaxing!

Stop by Ladyburg at 726 Caroline Street to pick out your favorite!

Have you tried a Bath Bomb yet? Which scent is your favorite?

*All photos courtesy of www.ladyburg.com


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