Candle Making With Ladyburg – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Candle Making Series with Ladyburg. If you didn’t get a chance to read Part 1 – click here to catch up and meet the co-owners of Ladyburg, Crystal and Morgan Wellman.

Candle Fragrances

Thinking about candles, my first thought is the scent. What is my mood? What season is it? Do I want something fruity? Am I looking for a floral scent? You get the idea, because I am sure you do it too.

When I started talking to Crystal and Morgan (co-owners of Ladyburg) about how they picked the scents – fragrances – of their candles, I figured that I was in for a really intense conversation. I thought they might have a super precise way of deciding what fragrances pair well with each other or that they did lots of research. I was wrong!

Deciding on the fragrances is all trial and error for Ladyburg.  The oils are lined up and the entire staff are invited to test different combinations – saying yes to some and no to others.

Clear winners are chosen – Oakmoss & Amber, Green Tea & Lemongrass, Red Ginger & Saffron – just to name a couple. (It is interesting to note that not all fragrances are candle safe and Ladyburg ensures that their choices are clean burning.)

Photo by Ladyburg

Once Crystal decides which fragrance she is going to use for that day’s candle pour, it is carefully measured and put to the side – prep is key. There are specific measurements that are used and Crystal has found exactly what works for her candles. She is meticulous and does not want to compromise any of the products that they sell.

The day that I was in Ladyburg, she had candles setting from the day before that were Blood Orange scented. They smelled fresh and screamed summer. For the candle I was making, I chose the Fresh Ginger & Lime as it made me think of a spring margarita.

Look for a Fragrance Bar to be opening at Ladyburg where you will be able to pick your own scent and create a “personalized” candle for you or for a gift.   How fun is that?!?

Fun Facts About Crystal and Morgan

While creating the candles, we had some time to chat and I learned a bit more about Crystal and Morgan.

  • Crystal and her husband met in the greeting cards section of the PX in Hawaii.
  • They have 4 children – two boys and two girls with Morgan being the youngest.
  • Morgan “fought” joining Crystal as co-owner but once she made the decision she was thrust into it and loves every moment – good and bad!
  • The family all love hanging out together and are very close.
  • Morgan loves visiting different restaurants around Fredericksburg – Fahrenheit 132 is a definite family fave!
  • Crystal has a love for auctions and enjoys home projects such as interior design, painting furniture and gardening.
  • Both Crystal and Morgan LOVE the people of Fredericksburg and the community!
  • They both believe that excellent customer service is key and they always want to be open & friendly to all!!

Photo by Ladyburg

Check back next week for Part 3 in the Candle Making Series
to see the pouring process!



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