Candle Making With Ladyburg – Part 1

I love candles. There is something about having a candle burning in your home that makes it feel a bit more cozy. I enjoy keeping them lit on and off throughout the day with a little coffee house music playing in the background.

It never has occurred to me what actually goes into creating a candle. I thought you simply went to a hobby store, bought some wax and essential oils, melted the wax, added the oil and poured it in a glass container. (I know, I know – I’m just not the uber crafty type. Although I secretly wish I was!)

Thank goodness Crystal Wellman and Morgan Wellman – co-owners of Ladyburg set me straight during a fun-filled candle making session.

Join me in this 3 part series as we learn a few candle making secrets from this awesome duo over the next two Thursdays in June.

Crystal has perfected candle making to create the signature simple, cream-colored, scented Ladyburg candle. Made out of 100% soy wax, each candle is handmade from start to finish. The process is methodical with much research going into each element of the beautiful fragrant candle.

Let’s be honest – who knew that certain types of wax, such as soy can be more difficult to work with, what a hot throw is, that a cold throw is good, and that only certain types of fragrances can be used in candles. Crystal does.

During the process, I saw the love and precision that is taken to create one of her beautiful candles. The candle making is done in the store, which becomes an entertaining show for the customers. Crystal will spend an entire day creating the candles and not only does she love it, but she is meticulous.

Whiskey glasses are Ladyburg’s container of choice for their candles but any glass container could be used. Some ideas are teacups, jars, etc.

When Crystal was preparing for her daughter’s wedding they scoured Goodwill for the right containers to create a room full of flickering candles for the reception – love that idea! Repurpose, reuse, and recycle.

The wick is another important part of each candle. Each wick is made of pure cotton in order to ensure that each candle burns as clean as possible. After trial and error, Crystal found that two wicks spaced precisely helped for each of her candles to burn at the right temperature and at the right speed.

When it comes to the 100% soy wax, it is important to Crystal that they have tested each batch before it is used in the candles. She wants to ensure that she knows how it melts, how it pours and how it works with her fragrances before it is used in the Ladyburg Candles.

Talk about devotion to the process – I was blown away!

Check back next Thursday when we talk fragrances and learn how Crystal creates the perfect scented!

Have you made candles before? How did they turn out?
Leave a comment to let us know!

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