Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market

Our family enjoys going to the Farmer’s Markets around the area. This past Saturday was our first trip to the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market since it officially opened – it did not disappoint.

There were a few must haves on the list including asparagus, bread and sausage for a recipe that I will be making with Fredericksburg Foodie Blog.

Once we purchased those items, we began navigating our way around from booth to booth. Knowing that my husband had not had breakfast, I knew that he would be up for some coffee and a morning treat. A cup of coffee from Rick Roasters and a gluten-free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin from Mollie’s Bakery were his picks.

I loved all the gorgeous flowers and floral arrangements. What a perfect hostess gift to take to a friend’s home if you were headed out on a Saturday night! I also thought how wonderful a soap bar and a few other goodies from Walnut Hollow Workshop would be for a Teacher Appreciation Gift since it is coming up next week.

And have you tried the Crunchy Chick Gourmet Chick Peas?? They are incredibly yummy and are a perfect after school snack for your kiddos – or for you.

Looking forward to heading back to the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market next week – I’ve got more recipes to make!

Do you have a “must have” item that you always purchase at the Farmer’s Market?

Or do you just like to stroll around taking in the sights of fresh veggies, flowers, treats and more?


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