National Donor Day

Not only is today Valentine’s Day, but more importantly it is National Donor Day. A loved one near and dear to my heart gave over 60 of his gifts to those in need.

If you are not an Organ and Tissue Donor consider this:

  • 115,000 people are awaiting organ transplants throughout our country
  • Every 10 minutes a person is added to the transplant list
  • 22 people die each day waiting for an organ
  • Only 54% of Americans are registered as donors
  • 40% of Virginias are NOT registered
  • More than 2,500 Virginians are waiting for a transplant each day
*Statistics from and

So this Valentine’s Day in addition to enjoying a great meal and some yummy chocolate treats, head over to Donate Life Virginia to register to be an Organ and Tissue Donor. It will be the greatest gift you will ever give!