Treats from the Italian Station Cafe

I am, admittedly, a lover of all things sweet. When I saw the sign that the Italian Station Café was opening in Downtown Fredericksburg and it featured coffee, gelato and pastries, I knew I needed to check it out.

And taking my three kids led to three unbiased opinions – although I already had a feeling it would be fabulous. After a warm and inviting welcome at the door, we were whisked into a warm and modern – yet rustic – restaurant filled with desserts covering the room from wall to wall.

The Italian Station Café pulled out all the stops and gave each of us a generous taste of many of their signature goodies, including several types of cakes, stuffed donuts and tiramisu. Just to name a few!


After browsing around and taking in all the beautifully displayed treats, we headed to the line to order some gelato for each of the kids and a coffee for me. Being purists by nature, they each ordered chocolate. Scoop after scoop of dark chocolate gelato goodness was dipped into the perfectly portioned cups. They immediately dug in and were in chocolate heaven.

Now it was my turn to give the desserts a try, and I could hardly decide what to choose! I nibbled on the tiramisu, an orange and chocolate flavored cake, and a sample of a chocolate-covered filled donut. Paired with the warm coffee, it was the perfect afternoon treat.

Feeling perfectly stuffed from all the desserts, all four of us decided that we will definitely make our way back to the Italian Station Café as soon as we can for a sweet treat, coffee or dessert after a dinner out!

Visit their Facebook page: Italian Station – 620 Caroline Street


What’s your favorite treat at the Italian Station Cafe? Leave a comment below.

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