Visit Wineries & Drink Chardonnay

In honor of yesterday being National Chardonnay Day it seemed appropriate to share four local wineries who are offering bottles of Chardonnay this Spring.

The wine tends to get a little bit of a bad rap but City Vino has demystified Chardonnay in their recent blog post on the City Vino Blog. If you have given it a thumbs down, take a moment to read the post – you might reconsider.

Photo by Katie – Rogers Ford Farm Winery

Potomac Point

2015 Chardonnay

“Delicate fruit and melon aromas creating an elegant complexity. The initial taste is clean & bright with a crisp zesty lemon finish.”

Rogers Ford Farm Winery

2015 Jacob Christopher Chardonnay

“Drop your Chardonnay preconceptions. This Virginia Chardonnay is NOT an over-oaked butter bomb. It is big, bright, and lively. This wine is unoaked and crafted completely in stainless steel to preserve the fresh and vibrant fruit character. It is assertive and well- structured with a hint of sweetness and crisp, clean finish.”

Mattaponi Winery


“Rich, mouth filling with a hint of oak, citrus finish.”

Lake Anna Winery

Barrel Select Chardonnay: 2014 Classic European Style Oak Aged

“Hints of English toffee and caramel apples underscored with tropical fruit tones that add elegance to this mouth-filling barrel fermented Chardonnay.”

With a long holiday weekend upon us, maybe you will find the time to enjoy a wine tasting at one of these local tasting rooms.

Photo by City Vino

If you prefer to stay close to home, head over to City Vino at 810 Caroline Street to purchase a few bottles to enjoy around your table this weekend.

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