Rocks In the ‘Burg

If you have been downtown lately, you might have spotted something quite colorful hiding in a doorway, at the base of one of the trees or perched on a windowsill. As you bend down to pick it up, you notice a sweet little pink heart painted on it.

In an instant you get the biggest grin on your face and feel just like a little kid. YES!! You found a ROCK!!!

But it isn’t any rock – it is a rock that was painted with love and care – placed in a special place to bring happiness to the person who found it.

Photo by Sherry Florindo Lambert

The Burg Rocks!

The Burg Rocks! is a Facebook group created by Diana Cox at the beginning of the year that has started blowing up with members who have either found these little gems around town or who took the time to paint and then hide the rocks.

After hearing about the idea from a friend in Daytona who started “Daytona Rocks,” Diana formed the local group as a way to “pay it forward and bring something positive to the area.”

Diana’s little idea has taken off and rocks are being hidden and found everywhere throughout our area from Downtown to Central Park and beyond.

“I think it has been an extremely positive impact for locals and visitors. We have had many people post or message me regarding the impact it has had in their lives! Truly priceless.” – Diana Cox

Photo by  Taylor Keith

The “Face Rock,” found by Taylor Keith at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, has been found and hidden again several times. It was in a tree, then found by another, hidden again and finally found by Taylor.

Isn’t that awesome! This “Face Rock” is having quite the journey!

What do you do when you find a rock?

  1. Take a picture
  2. Post on Facebook @The Burg Rocks!
  3. Find or re-hide!

Free Community Rock Painting

The Burg Rocks! and Macaroni Kid Fredericksburg have even teamed up to host a Free Community Rock Painting event. All dates are currently full, but check back soon on the Facebook Group – there will be more dates added in July and August.

The classes are being held at Creative Art Studio Fredericksburg on Harrison Road and they will be adding other classes at Old Mill Park.

Photo by Taylor Keith

I can already imagine how this will become the perfect summer adventure for my family and our friends!


Photo by Sherry Florindo Lambert

Thanks Diana Cox for starting The Burg Rocks! Her small idea is making a difference around our area.

Jump in on the action – start painting and hiding rocks for others to find in our ROCKin’ Community!!!

Have you found any painted rocks around FXBG?
Comment below and let us know or post a photo!