Behind The Business with Flux Movement

I have always been intrigued by this apparatus called a Reformer that is used in Pilates. With bars, pulleys and other moving pieces, it looks complex.

Building core, physical strength, balance, and mental awareness is what Kiersten, owner of Flux Movement, says Pilates and using the Reformer is all about. The Pilates Method is:

“A series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core. These movements work to balance your body, positively impacting your posture, pelvic floor, and spinal health. Pilates is focused on control and precision, Yoga’s cerebral cousin if you will. When practiced regularly, it will make you stronger, elongate your muscles, and connect your mind to your body and its movement patterns. On the surface, Pilates looks easy but if done correctly, it is very challenging.” – Flux Movement

About Flux Movement

Having taken Mat Pilates classes over the years, I know how great Pilates for your core and your overall health. On a rainy morning in Fredericksburg, I sat down to talk with Kiersten at Italian Station over an almond milk latte to discuss how she became engaged in Pilates and why she started teaching it.

For the last five years Kiersten has been teaching mat classes and reformer classes. It all began at Gold’s Gym where she became hooked on Pilates classes. She began taking mat classes, but once she started doing Pilates on the Reformer Kiersten became more mindful and it changed the overall way she carried herself. After seeing how Pilates impacted her body and life for the better, she wanted to share it with others.

Since beginning instructing, she has loved helping people suffering from chronic pain and issues find relief. Kiersten also feels a real connection to Pre and Post Natal patients – probably more so since having her daughter.

Pilates Reformer Session

I had the pleasure of watching Kiersten teach a Pilates Reformer one-on-one session. It definitely got me excited to give this a try!

With each client she assesses posture, discusses any issues, such as pain and then begins a session focusing on the total body. Breath work is an integral part of the session and Kiersten constantly reminds her clients to breathe and how to breathe.

Each movement on the Reformer was fluid, yet precise and Kiersten stayed close to ensure that all were done correctly. Small adjustments were constantly being made to make sure that the body part being worked would receive the most benefit.

Watching a session, I was amazed by the strength that Kirsten’s client Ayra Correa had. In every session, Kiersten helps her clients get the most of a workout no matter their strength level by making adjustments on the Reformer to change the level of intensity. I love that!!

Kiersten wants people to feel good about their bodies – physically and mentally.

“I believe that age, weight, and excuses should not be used as limitations. When a person chooses to engage in a healthy lifestyle, those perceived “limits” fade away.” – Kiersten

Pilates is her way to help others achieve this.

3 Questions for Kiersten:

What do you love most about Fredericksburg?
The people!
It is great to meet people and get to know them.
And there is just so much to do within our community.

Favorite place for a Date Night?
Bistro Bethem!

Favorite shop?
Virginia Hill or The Butcher!

I have already taken one Reformer session with Kiersten and I can’t wait to take more!

To schedule a session or find our more information visit her site at

What do you love about Pilates? Let us know!