The Face Behind Pitaiyo

“You smile and the world smiles”

Alex Kelly-Maartens, creator and owner of Pitaiyo


“You smile and the world smiles” – that is exactly the way that Alex makes you feel when you are around her. When meeting Alex, you immediately feel welcomed by her and can feel the energy, passion and creativity that speaks to who she is.

I met Alex when I attended my first free Community Workout in Historic Market Square. Not knowing what to expect, I felt a bit nervous but soon those feelings disappeared and we were working hard – like really hard but really good!

The free outdoor classes hosted by the Fredericksburg Area Museum combine Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga and Tabata in timed intervals. Alex works hard to ensure that you push yourself to get the most “bang for your buck.” She is encouraging and motivating beyond belief!

After one of the workouts we headed over to Hyperion to chat so I could find out more about Alex, Pitaiyo and what drives her each day. (Of course I ordered my normal Almond Milk Latte while she just got a water – is that telling?!?!)

Passion – plain and simple is what drives her. A passion for exercise, for helping others and for living life to the fullest.


With a degree in Exercise Science, Alex has been a part of the fitness industry since graduating. She worked at American Family Fitness where she managed and taught classes.

While there she designed the program known as Pitaiyo that combines pilates, tai chi and yoga. Wanting to further develop her concept, she opened the Pitaiyo studio in Downtown Fredericksburg.

The studio space gave her the ability to teach classes, train others in Pitaiyo, sell lines of clothing that she loved, provide a lounge that exuded good energy and create a feeling throughout the studio that welcomed all.

A Fresh Start

Feeling an internal struggle to give her all to the studio and her family, Alex made the decision to close the Pitaiyo studio after three years of being in business.

At the same time, the opportunity to move to her parent’s 100-acre farm and build a home on the land presented itself. She and her husband jumped at the opportunity to be close to her family and begin a new chapter.

Her goal continues to focus on training more people in the Pitaiyo method and make it accessible to everyone. In the future she hopes to hold retreats, workouts and more on the family farm.

In Her Spare Time….

Being active and creative continue to be strong aspects of who Alex is. When she isn’t doing Pitaiyo or other workouts, you can find her crafting, sewing or just being creative. She truly is a ball of energy and with passion that you can’t help but feel!!!

Together with her husband and their two children, their perfect Saturday consists of cooking, going to library, heading to the river to SUP, enjoy a day on a pontoon boat or just be outside pitching corn hole bags.

Thanks Alex! Can’t wait to catch more of your classes and see you around town!

To find out more about Pitaiyo head over to

Also head over to Market Square each Wednesday at 9:30 am for the Free Community Workouts!!! Your body will thank you!!

Want to get to know Alex in her element?
Register for the SUMER YOGA MALA – Land or Stand Up Paddle –
YOGA TO BENEFIT THE RIVER being held on June 17 from 9:00 – 11:oo am at City Dock.
The event, sponsored by Pitaiyo, will feature 108 Sun Salutations and
benefits the Friends of the Rappahannock.

*All photos courtesy of Alex Kelly-Maartens.

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